Sound System Tutorial

This page contains some rough instructions on running the sound system in the Church. This is only intended to give a quick overview. To go into more depth, consult the user manuals. There are a LOT of videos on how to operate this equipment, OpenLP (our projector software), OBS Studio, etc., that will do a MUCH better job than I will on explaining the details on how to set things up. Please forgive the amature’ish nature of the videos. My videographer was home taking care of our sick child.

Turning on the sound system:

Basic running of the sound board:

Playing a MP3 or CD from the soundroom:

Playing a MP3 or CD from the stage (good for practice):

Running the X32 software on the computer (optional):

Basic Video Recording:

Turning on the projector.

To go further, the mixer board is a Behringer X32, the projection software is OpenLP, video recording is done via OBS Studio, the CD/MP3 players are Numark. Manuals for all this equipment are located in the computer’s My Documents folder.